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Swedish Dental Hygienists with a doctorial degree


Sebastian Malmqvist

Laser treatment and disease characteristics of Peri-implantitis, 2023.

Elena Shmarina 

Oral health-related salutogenic factors: reviewing factors promoting oral health in older people and exploring dental professionals' perspective, 2023.


Hanna Ahonen 
The multifaceted concept of oral health – Studies on a Swedish general population-and perspectives of persons with experience of long-term CPAP-treated obstructive sleep apnea, 2022.

Anna Liss 
Evidence-based dental hygienist practice in non-surgical therapy of patients with periodontitis. Outcomes of therapy and factors associated with quality of care, 2022.


Susanne Koistinen

Oral health, experiences of oral care, associated factors, and mortality among older people in short-term care, 2020.


Anida Fägerstad 
"No-shows in dental care - perspectives on adolescents' attendance pattern", Institutionen för hälsovetenskap och medicin, Örebro universitet, 2019. 


Ann-Catrin André Kramer 
"On dental caries and socioeconomy in Swedish children and adolescents - Clinical and register-based studies", Göteborgs Universitet 2018. 


Nadja Bjurshammar 
"Porphyrins and Phototherapy of Oral Bacteria", Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm 2017.

Seida Erovic-Ademovski 
"Treatment of intra-oral halitosis", Högskolan Kristianstad.


Eva-Karin Bergström 
"Fluoride varnish programmes for adolescents at school - caries, conceptions and costs", Göteborg 2016.

Kristina Edman 
"Epidemiological studies of Oral Health, development and influencing factors in the county of Dalarna, Sweden 1983-2013", Uppsala 2016. 


Gunvi Johansson 
On oral health-related quality of life in Swedish young adults, Göteborg 2015.

Sara Szymanska 
Oral Health in patients with Chron's Disease, Stockholm 2015.

Agneta Stenebrand – Dental anxiety among 15-year-olds. Psychosocial facors and oral health, Jönköping 2015.


Olga Jensen 

On fluoride toothpaste - Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour, Göteborg 2013.

Elisabeth Johansson 

Effect of ozone on dental caries and on cariogenic microorganisms, Umeå 2013.

Jessica Skoogh Ericsson 

Periodontal health among Swedish adolescents - psychosocial and behavioral perspectives on periodontal infection control, Göteborg 2013.

Brittmarie Jacobsson 

A Cultural Perspective on Oral Health in Young Individuals with Focus on Sweden and Vietnam, Jönköping 2013.


Maha Yakob 

Associations between oral biofilm, periodontal disease, and systemic health - with a focus on atherosclerosis and breast cancer, Stockholm 2012.

Carina Mårtensson 

Promoting Oral Health - Knowledge of Periodontal Disease and Satisfaction with Dental Care, Malmö 2012.

Jane Stenman 

Attitudes and communicative factors related to oral health and periodontal treatment, Göteborg 2012.

Lena Hellqvist 

Smoking, Snuffing and Oral Health with Special Reference to Dental Caries, Göteborg 2012.

Eva Hedman 

The school as an arena for oral health promotion, Göteborg 2012.


Birgitta Jönsson 

Behavioural Medicine perspectives for Change and Prediction of Oral Hygiene Behaviour, Uppsala 2010.

Ulrika Lindmark 

Oral Health and Sense of Coherence, Health Behaviours, Knowledge, Attitudes and Clinical Status, Jönköping 2010.

Malin Stensson 

On Oral Health in Young People with Asthma, Göteborg 2010.

Elizabeth Jedel 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome- Studies of affective symptoms in association with sex steroids and evaluation of electroacupuncture and physical exercise, Stockholm 2010.


Lena Karlsson 

Optical based technologies for detection of dental caries, Stockholm 2009.


Barbro Särner 

On Approximal Caries Prevention using Fluoridated Toothpicks, Dental Flosses and Interdental Brushes, Göteborg 2008.


Katarina Konradsson 

Influence of a Dental Ceramic and a Calcium Aluminate Cement on Dental Biofilm Formation and Gingival Inflammatory Response, Umeå 2007.

Katri Ståhlnacke 

Self-perceived oral health, dental care utilization and satisfaction with dental care - A longitudinal study 1992­1997 of a Swedish age cohort born in 1942, Malmö 2007.


Annsofi Johannsen 

Anxiety, Exhaustion and Depression in Realtion to Periodontal Diseases. Stockholm 2006.

Kerstin Andersson 

Oral health in old age; perception among elderly persons and medical professionals. Stockholm 2006.

Anitha Persson 

In vivo evaluations of the neutralizing effect of a hydroxyl ion-releasing resin composite and a prohylactic gel on plaque acidogenicity, Umeå 2006.


Margot Rolandsson 

Snuff use and oral health among young ice-hockey players. Implications for oral health promotion. Göteborg 2005.


Pia Andersson 

Assessments of Oral Health Status in frail patients in hospital. Kristianstad 2004.


Kajsa Henning Abrahamsson 

Dental fear and oral health behavior. Studies on psychological and psychosocial factors. Göteborg 2003.


Gun Sandberg 

Oral Health and Diabetes. Studies on Health and Oral Self-Care in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes. Uppsala 2002.


Annica Almståhl 

Oral microbial flora at hyposalivation. Göteborg 2001.

Kerstin Öhrn 

Oral Health and Experience of Oral Care among Cancer Patients during Radio- or Chemotherapy. Uppsala 2001.


Viola Ylipää 

Work Environment, Health and Well-being i Dental Hygienists. A Work-Health-Culture Model. Stockholm 2000.

Märta Rosenlind 

Vuxnas tänkande om och förhållningsätt till munhälsa. Lund 2000.

Gun Paulsson 

Caring for Oral Health in the Elderly.Knowledge, conceptions and attitudes among nursing personnel. Malmö 2000.


Birgitta Söder 

Studies on plaque distribution and gingival crevicular fluid after non-surgical treatment in smokers and non-smokers with perodontal diseases. Stockholm 1998