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About SFF

Swedish Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (Svensk Flygteknikerförening, SFF) is a professional association and a trade union for licensed aircraft maintenance engineers/technicians. SFF is also an association within SRAT, a part of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, Saco. SFF is a non-partisan association.

With about 800 members a majority of the Swedish licenced aircraft engineers support our goals. As a professional association SFF is working with issues concerning the members´ professional status, as the quality of education and training, professional and ethical criteria and professional development.

As a trade union SFF is working with salaries and terms of employment. This is done in different ways and at different levels. The Congress (föreningsmötet) is the supreme decision-making body of SFF. It meets once every third year, the last meeting took place in Stockholm 2019. The Congress is composed of delegates from workplaces with SFF representation in proportion to their membership. The Congress elects the members of the Board and the President.

SFF is also one of the members of Aircraft Engineers International, AEI. www.airengineers.org

The President of SFF, Ola Blomqvist, is a member of the executive board of both SRAT and AEI. 

For more information about membership, please contact our office:

+46 (0)8 442 4460