Akademiker i samhällsbärande professioner

About SRAT

SRAT is a professional association and a trade union for university graduates or professionals with a college degree, specialists and managers in the fields of health, communication and management. SRAT is also an association within the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, Saco.

The over 21.000 members of SRAT represents different professions within the fields of health, communication and management. Some of these are associate audiologists, chiropractors, dental hygienists, healthcare advisors, opticians, perfusionists, podatrists, licensed aircraft maintenace engineers, maritime pilots, diplomats and specialists in a variety of governmental authorities.

As a professional association SRAT is working with issues concerning the members´ professional status, as the quality of education and training, professional and ethical criteria and professional development.

As a trade union SRAT is working with salaries and terms of employment. This is done in different ways and at different levels.

The Congress is the supreme decision-making body of the SRAT. It meets once every third year, the last meeting took place in Stockholm 2012. The Congress is composed of delegates from the affiliated organisations in proportion to their membership. The Congress elects the members of the Board and the President.

The President Magnus Nordström chairs the SRATs governing bodies.

Amongst the benefits of a membership you can find:

  • SRAT Hälsoskydd - healthcare advisors and income when you are on sickleave
  • Income insurance under short-time unemployment

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more! 

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Email: kansli@srat.se

Phone: +46 84424460