My company has informed me that because I am authorised by them to certify on their behalf, I am no longer liable or accountable for any mistakes as the authorisation in effect hands the accountability over to the company. This statement has been used to convince licence holders to certify for work outside of the AMM set limits. Is this correct?


No it is not. The licence holder has a very specific safety critical function which is further embedded and described in national laws. The CRS signatory is fully responsible for ensuring that all maintenance is correctly and completely carried out, in accordance with published procedures.

The signature on the CRS is intended to be the evidence that the aircraft has been correctly maintained and therefore the Licensed Aircraft Engineer is required to do everything necessary in order to ensure that the performed maintenance has been carried out to the required standard. The Licenced Aircraft Engineer cannot avoid this responsibility and it is not mitigated or reduced by any circumstances or difficulties. Worst case scenario remains as before; you can lose everything you have, house and savings etc. if found guilty in a court of law.