Annual Congress press release

"Cheating within the EU affects Sweden"

The Swedish AEI affiliate, SFF, sent out a Press Release Monday morning. It is in Swedish but here is a rough translation.

Press Release

 Cheating within the EU affects Sweden
An international conference for Licensed Aircraft Engineers in Stockholm will be held on 18-21 September. The biggest focus will be on the inability of the EU to maintain the same flight safety requirements throughout the Union.

For cost reasons, most major Scandinavian airlines have chosen to hire other European companies to perform technical maintenance on their aircraft. Some of these maintenance companies are allowed to compete by applying lower safety requirements. This despite the same rules apply throughout the EU.
"It's free movement of services in the EU, which is basically positive, but it has devastating consequences if you do not have common rules in some areas," said Ola Blomqvist, chairman of the Swedish Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers.
It is mainly about air safety regulations and employment conditions, but chairman Ola Blomqvist find the problem even bigger.
"Yes, because of the fact that you are allowed to compete by breach of common rules, the competitiveness of the good part of the airline industry is adversely affected.”
The Congress in Stockholm is held by Aircraft Engineers International, AEI, which recently criticized the EU because, for example, Germany's aviation authority allowed technical maintenance not to be verified by licensed engineers, as required by the EU Regulation. This despite the fact that the EU Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, discovered the problems several years ago. But EASA lacks a mandate from the EU to put power behind the words. That responsibility lies with the European Commission.
"In many respects, we consider that EASA has built a good framework and doing good work. The question is what this is worth when some Member States are allowed to do whatever they want, says SFF's chairman, Ola Blomqvist.

Media contact: +46 766-287 563   Email: sff@flygtekniker.se

More information: www.airengineers.org

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Annual Congress press release

"Cheating within the EU affects Sweden"

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