Presidents congress summary

Dear all, the 2018 AEI Annual Congress in Stockholm was a success story! To start with I want to thank invited guest speakers for their contribution. Highly appreciated!

Delegates were filled with hope after the presentation and the very cooperative message given by Ralf Erckman, EASA Head of Maintenance and Production.

Gunnar Ljungberg, Director Civil Aviation and Maritime Department, Swedish Transport Agency, informed the delegates about the agency, giving us an interesting "view from the Authority perspective".

The President of the European Cockpit Association, Dirk Polloczek elaborated on the "atypical employment" problem. A known problem also in maintenance but not to the same degree. Dirk concluded his presentation by mentioning some of the areas where ECA and AEI have been working together, also mentioning future issues to be addressed in cooperation.

Finally, I must salute all delegates and board members for their hard work, fruitful discussions and very interesting presentations. The input from delegates from Europe, Africa, the Asia and Pacific region and from America makes me feel confident in AEIs position- and future development as the only International body for Licensed Aircraft Engineers.

Ola Blomqvist, President of AEI

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Presidents congress summary

2018-09-25 07:56

Dear all, the 2018 AEI Annual Congress in Stockholm was a success story! To start with I want to...

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