Paul Cousins 1967-2018

It is with sadness that AEI has to announce the death of Paul Cousins.

 Paul worked tirelessly over many years for both ALAEA (Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association) as well as AEI (Aircraft Engineers International). Indeed, Paul was serving as AEI’s President when he had to stand down for health reasons in 2017.

Paul’s contributions during his years of dedicated and selfless service were wide and varied. He was a strong, inspirational leader and a great ambassador for our profession and aviation safety. Paul worked relentlessly to promote not just the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer but also stood strong against rampant commercialism which ultimately undermines safety and standards.

Paul also had a rare ability to be able to enthuse an audience with his clear, direct and unambiguous words when delivering a vital safety message. Paul applied a hard but fair approach to the challenges the aviation industry put in his way yet always had time to discuss the engineers licence and aviation issues more generally with members.

Paul’s wisdom, integrity and professionalism ensured he was highly respected by AEI members all over the world. The aviation industry is safer, partly due to Paul’s efforts and passion. His contributions to this end will not be forgotten.

Sadly, another of the few has flown off into the sunset and for those who knew him, our lives will be the poorer for it and he will be sadly missed. Paul was a big man, with a big heart and it was a privilege to have known him.

Paul Cousins – Husband, Father, Friend, Colleague – farewell.

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Paul Cousins 1967-2018

It is with sadness that AEI has to announce the death of Paul Cousins.